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;/ [16 Aug 2003|08:41pm]
add sakura the only lj i use.. blah

I got a new lj [19 Apr 2003|10:29am]
[ mood | bored ]

I got a new livejournal. make sure you add it to your friends list. hinata

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Candy Necklace! =] [15 Mar 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

discover what candy you are @ stvlive.com

Candy Necklaces are evil, if you lick them and wear them, they get your neck colored! That'll make you a... rainbow neck? *blink* o.o

There Was No Goten! [15 Mar 2003|12:58pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Who's Your DBZ Guy?
Who's Your DBZ Guy?

There was no Goten in this quiz! Why do they always forget the most important one!! x_x

WHAT DOES SHE WIN JOHNNY??? [14 Mar 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

SuperDemiSaiyan: Mars, are you talking about me?
XoSailormarsOx: no
XoSailormarsOx: O.o
SuperDemiSaiyan: I KNOW YOU ARE
SuperDemiSaiyan: DON'T LIE
XoSailormarsOx: O>o;
XoSailormarsOx: eh?
SuperDemiSaiyan: o.o
SuperDemiSaiyan: I heard you like toads, Mars... Is it true?
XoSailormarsOx: oh yeah
SuperDemiSaiyan: NoNo!
SuperDemiSaiyan: The correct answer is..
SuperDemiSaiyan: WHO TOLD YOU!! yeah, I like toads, They're fun :-)
XoSailormarsOx: XD
XoSailormarsOx: LOL
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you like to lick toads's heads?
XoSailormarsOx: NO *shifts eyes*of course not!
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok, me neither, that's just plain creepy!
SuperDemiSaiyan: ^_^
XoSailormarsOx: LOL YEAH!
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you like to spank Zebra's while "mooing" like a cow?
XoSailormarsOx: OH HELL YEAH!
SuperDemiSaiyan: OK!
XoSailormarsOx: IT GETS ME OFF
XoSailormarsOx: XD
SuperDemiSaiyan: LOL.
SuperDemiSaiyan: XD
XoSailormarsOx: *laughs hard*
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you love to eat lion paws?
XoSailormarsOx: no chicken heads
XoSailormarsOx: dont mess it up
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok!
XoSailormarsOx: o.o;
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you like to lick random rocks you find on the floor?
XoSailormarsOx: no
XoSailormarsOx: O.o;
XoSailormarsOx: you do
SuperDemiSaiyan: NO I DON'T!
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok, on with the questions.
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you love to wear your trenchcoat in the nude?
XoSailormarsOx: YES!!!!
XoSailormarsOx: XD
SuperDemiSaiyan: OK!
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you like to munch on the bones that you get off fried chicken?
XoSailormarsOx: OH HELL YEAH!
XoSailormarsOx: MMM MMM GOOD!
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok!
SuperDemiSaiyan: Hmm..
SuperDemiSaiyan: I need more Q's.
SuperDemiSaiyan: Lemme think.
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you REALLY love refried beans?
XoSailormarsOx: O.o;
XoSailormarsOx: ew no
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok.
XoSailormarsOx: lol
SuperDemiSaiyan: I heard you like to rub your dogs fur on your legs.. Is it true?
XoSailormarsOx: is it true you dance with monkeys?
SuperDemiSaiyan: YES IT IS!
XoSailormarsOx: *laughs*
SuperDemiSaiyan: The monkeys really know how to tango
SuperDemiSaiyan: ;-)
XoSailormarsOx: LOL!!
SuperDemiSaiyan: They're teaching me how to swing dance! O:-)
XoSailormarsOx: OOO SWING
XoSailormarsOx: I LOVE
XoSailormarsOx: now is it true you roll around in the mud with pigs?
SuperDemiSaiyan: Yes, I find it really erotic
SuperDemiSaiyan: ;-)
XoSailormarsOx: *laughs*
XoSailormarsOx: oh okay then
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true you love to milk cows?
SuperDemiSaiyan: Goats*
XoSailormarsOx: as long as the milk comes on me
XoSailormarsOx: ^.~
SuperDemiSaiyan: EEEWW
SuperDemiSaiyan: LOL
SuperDemiSaiyan: XD
SuperDemiSaiyan: You and your fantasies Mars ;]
XoSailormarsOx: XD
XoSailormarsOx: and your pigs!
SuperDemiSaiyan: SO?!
SuperDemiSaiyan: YOU LOVE BACON, TOO!! DON'T U!
XoSailormarsOx: mmmmm not as much as cherries!
XoSailormarsOx: XD
SuperDemiSaiyan: ?
SuperDemiSaiyan: o.o
SuperDemiSaiyan: Ok!
XoSailormarsOx: XD
SuperDemiSaiyan: brb
SuperDemiSaiyan: i need to make a phone call
SuperDemiSaiyan: which means i have to get offline real quick
SuperDemiSaiyan: BRB!
SuperDemiSaiyan: on to the commercials!
SuperDemiSaiyan: AND WE'RE BACK!
XoSailormarsOx: A BRAND NEW CAR!
SuperDemiSaiyan: I DON'T KNOW
SuperDemiSaiyan: YOU TELL ME!
XoSailormarsOx: A BRAND NEW CAR!
XoSailormarsOx: yet again
SuperDemiSaiyan: OH OK!
SuperDemiSaiyan: [] applaud []
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok.
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true that you like to take bites out of apples at the grocery store?
XoSailormarsOx: no I spit on them
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok!
XoSailormarsOx: is it true you hump trees?
XoSailormarsOx: O.o;
SuperDemiSaiyan: No.
XoSailormarsOx: what about pigs?
SuperDemiSaiyan: Is it true you like to make out with trees superstar style?
SuperDemiSaiyan: no on the pigs
XoSailormarsOx: no
SuperDemiSaiyan: DON'T LIE NOW!
XoSailormarsOx: no I dont
XoSailormarsOx: just bushes
SuperDemiSaiyan: ok!
That's when The game Ended lol! ^_^;


I Updated!! Hooray! ^_______^ [13 Mar 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ok, so I decided to use my old LiveJournal. I got tired of using panda_plushie. Hmm.. I need to make this look neater, maybe make a new icon, background, and stuff. Lol. I'm watching smart guy. I need to do notes today for AVID. Hmm.. Cassie is away. I wonder what she's doing. Today in sixth period we were telling jokes. We had a sub and our teach was who knows where, but it was fun. On the way home I was telling them to my brother, since it was really boring walking 2 miles in silence. I hope these colors show. I need to add a whole lotta buddies on here and fix my interests. Uhh.. I have no one to talk to!! Where are you Cassie! UGH IM SO BORED! Haha, Anyway, I hate livejournal. They took off the marquee now! >< I need to fix this journal! lol.. JoKeS aRe FuN! Blah. I need more music. I hope this fade those work! OR ELSE IM GOING TO BE MAD! All this typing and it doesn't work. That would be sad. ok. I guess that's about it for this post. I have work to do on this!! Buh Byez~!

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Cassie!! [10 Jan 2003|07:54pm]
Cassie, where are ya when I need ya! I sent u a long e-mail.. read it or something! =D

Back Again! [10 Jan 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

wow.. lol.. Im writing on my old livejournal. I don't know why, I kind of miss writing on this journal!! it was my first livejournal ever and stuff, and I should write on it more often. Yepper. I think this girl is gonna give me her "Izumi" ujournal. I want it so bad.. she doesn't know how much, and I think i made her mad and she hates me now i think.. well, she unblocked my sn, and me and her friend Cody are getting along okay, so I guess he might talk some sense into her. I hope she gives it to me, that would be very nice of her. And besides she only wrote in it twice. I could write on it more. She has a sakura ujournal, and she has a deadjournal which she didn't want to give the username to me because she thinks that I'm stalking her or something. I really don't care. I just want the username izumi so badd!!!! :[
I need a new icon, I've had this one since the beginning of time!! Lol. So i might put a di gi charat one tommorow, because it's late and I'm hungry and my mom's getting mad at me. There was a fight at school and the security chased one of the guys and he got tackled down to the cement floor, and he got his hands cuffed, it was pretty cool how that happened. anyway, my mom is getting a bit mad, so yeah, i think im gonna get offline now before she explodes.. i need DSL. bleh~
--+ Izumi


What Am I Thankful For? [27 Nov 2002|03:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Me, I am thankful for having such good friends. It's nice knowing that people care about you, and knowing that if you do something, they will be behind you 100%, and when you have problems, they will do their best to help you get through, and you can tell them anything. It's nice knowing that they are willing to listen to what you have to say, and won't make stupid comments about it, and will keep it to themselves. I am thankful for having such wonderful friends, and not just here people I know in my environment, but also people I know here online. They help me with many things, problems, and difficulties I am having, and that means a lot.

So if you wanted to know what I was thankful for, I am thankful for having great friends.

Now you tell me what you're thankful for.

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Windy Days Suck [25 Nov 2002|11:30am]
[ mood | cold ]

Carlos Ferraz says:
In here it's not that windy...It was yesterday...Now is fine!
The Cool Loser Girl says:
where are you at anywhoo?
Carlos Ferraz says:
The other side of the planet
The Cool Loser Girl says:
where is that?
The Cool Loser Girl says:
it's somewhere in europe or something right?
Carlos Ferraz says:
Yup: Portugal: West europe
Carlos Ferraz says:
As you can see we are allmost neighbours ^_^
The Cool Loser Girl says:
The Cool Loser Girl says:
yeah right
As you can see.. Europe is way like not close to the U.S. heeehee.. check out my site! http://sunsplash.sinfree.net.
My dog is like eating this huge piece of bread and it's windy.. We don't even know where the hell he got it from!! Holy Crap.. Now he's like barking. Im Cold because this wind is driving me crazy. It's knocking lots of things over and I think something is going to break my window! :o Anyway, umm.. yeah.. Here comes the mail man with my mail so I must go get it. Oh No! I have to go outside with this wind.. I'm cold!
Did I mention that I love Goten!? Because I do! I Love Him OKAY MOM! >:l
I LOVE GOTEN! <3<3<3


I LOVE GOTEN! [24 Nov 2002|04:56pm]
Hey Cassie, I think Trunks is hot but I prefer Goten! ^_^
Goten is my Sex Slave.
and I am his.
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[01 Oct 2002|05:28pm]
new lj click~> rika_nonaka

Boring! [16 Sep 2002|04:48pm]
On Saturday, I was cutting out pictures from PlayStation Magazines. I cut a Yuna picture out, Zidane, Lilith, This beast from Chrono Cross >.>; umm.. and this Angel looking chick. I put them on my folder.. Oh Yess! BTW! There's this hot sk8er boy in my class ^.^ wee! xD
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;\ [16 Sep 2002|04:21pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

heehee.. today was my first day swimming today at school.. and we found this freaken dead gopher on the side of the pool. I was lucky I didn't drink any water from the pool.. that should of been like toxic and stufferz.. o_o; Anyway, we swam for a little while then we had to go in and change. It was boring.. We just swam back and forth once. How much boring does it get? Heh? oh well. GOPHERS ARE EVIL AND SO ARE THE POOLS AT SCHOOL! >O


Oh God.. [14 Sep 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Yamidem: ::huggles him::
Reno Nightblade: ::Huggles her back::
Yamidem: omfg..
Yamidem: quit feeling on my boobs you pervert
Yamidem: >.<
Reno Nightblade: LMFAO
Reno Nightblade: XD I wasn't

XD lol.. o_o;

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[13 Sep 2002|04:51pm]
I'm done posting on here for today..

[13 Sep 2002|04:51pm]
BTW.. I got these from my DeadJournal which you can check out at >> http://www.deadjournal.com/~demidarkness

Wee! [13 Sep 2002|04:50pm]

Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
See what Care Bear you are.

[13 Sep 2002|04:48pm]
Lol.. Convo Madness!

Poem~ [13 Sep 2002|04:48pm]
"All I Want Is You"
The Feeling I have for you is forbidden
Nothing can let us be
We seperated at first, so you can be normal
But all you wanted was to be with me

I was a fool
I was in love
and I realize its not yet over

I know things will change
But now, im the fool
who wants to be with you....

A poem from Mars's SubProfile.. Hope you enoyjed it.. I'll post some of my poetry when I make some!! Okie

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